What the actual hell does my score/rating mean?

These are not objective scores. They're highly biased and are based solely on my opinions and tastes.

Work of Art - If an anime is so beautiful and life changing to me then I will award it this title along with Masterpiece. In some rare cases I might even give this rating to anime that I didn't enjoy.

Masterpiece - This is an anime that has done so much right and very little wrong. It has well-developed, relatable characters, meaningful themes, and a nice OST and visuals. Nearly perfect, and I enjoyed every second.

Wonderful - Awarded to anime that are not quite masterpieces, but are very meaningful and well made nonetheless, with great characters, story, and/or production value. Anime that get this rating must also be entertaining, of course.

Enjoyable - These anime do not need to be 'objectively good' or 'deep', but as long as it is entertaining then I will give it this rating. After all, anime is a medium of entertainment, and if I enjoyed it, then it succeeded, but only on this basic level.

I'd rather read hentai doujinshi - I'd literally enjoy myself more reading porn manga than watching this pile of mediocrity. It doesn't matter if it has a 'good' story if it was boring. Most ecchi, harem, or even some moe anime typically fall into this category, because if you are trying to get me aroused but only tease me, I'd rather go watch/read actual porn.

Where's the rope? - It makes me want to f*cking hang myself. It's boring and/or petty, asinine, terribly-made, and overall I wasted my time watching this.

F*ck this piece of trash - Reserved for an anime so terrible that it makes f*cking Oni Chichi seem like a masterpiece compared to it. I sincerely hate this anime and if I received a DVD or Blu-ray copy of it as a gift I would literally chuck it out the nearest window without a moment's hesitation.

~ HikariJake ~

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