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Really, when I'm writing or drawing, I'll likely be listening to anime OPs or EDs; either that or OSTs of games, anime, or movies. I'm such a weeb, I know. And now I'm also getting into Kpop. Kill me

I love these songs with their catchy melodies, but I dunno what the hell the lyrics are because it's, well, it's in another language: Japanese. Or Korean, depending on what song I'll post lyrics for.
So I'll be compiling English lyrics for various Japanese/Korean songs here for my convenience but also your convenience, as well! This way, we can appreciate these great songs even more, because we'll actually understand what they're singing about XD

I take no credit for any of the lyric translations.
The only language I can understand is English. And even then, just barely.

"Colorful." - Saekano ED
"Orange" - Your lie in April ED 2
"Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru" - Blue Spring Ride OP
"Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no you na" - Erased ED
"Spice" - Food Wars ED 1
"Styx Helix" - Re:Zero ED 1
"Trust Me" - Durarara!! ED 1

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