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Otaku Thoughts
can be anything from (sort-of) reviews on anime and manga, 
to discussing my totally-not-biased opinions, where I try to explain the best I can on why I think a particular way about anime,
or even just rambling about how I'd create a video game. 
These posts are the main meat of my blog.
I hope they are able to entertain you... and even perhaps enlighten you to different opinions on anime!
There will be controversial opinions.
There will be some dark humor. 
If you are easily offended... then, well... 
Can't say I didn't warn you.

Berserk 1997 is one of the greats of anime - Thoughts #59
Air: The Motion Picture - Thoughts #58
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Yuri on Ice is more "heteronormative" than you think - Thoughts #46
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In Blue Spring Ride, Love Prevails - Thoughts #44
Diminishment of Masculinity & Male-Female Couples in Anime - Thoughts #43
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What's with my obsession with "Hikari"?
(I love Dawn from Pokemon) - Thoughts #38
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Futari Ecchi: Romance or Smut? - Thoughts #35
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Do I have good or bad memories of Golden Time?  - Thoughts #33
A War of Ass - Thoughts #32
Why Emiya Shirou's ideals are beautiful - Thoughts #31
SHELTER isn't anything too special - Thoughts #30
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The first season of Gantz isn't boring at all. - Thoughts #26
The Origin Behind My YouTube Name (with IntrudersSpecial Guests Emperor Kuzco and Tai Lopez) - Thoughts #25.5
I fap to Hestia a lot - Thoughts #25
All You Need Is Kill - Thoughts #24
Why I generally prefer Japanese animation over Western animation (TRIGGER WARNING) - Thoughts #23

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