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Forum Archive: The Fate franchise has gone to sh!t

Here I debunk the claim that even Fate/stay night was immature and had a focus on fanservice and moe because of its origins as an eroge, when this couldn't be farther from the truth.
Fate/stay night is over 50 hours long, and out of those hours, you probably spend MAYBE 3 hours on sex scenes (if you are a slow reader or if you don't skip them altogether because contrary to what a Type Moon fag might tell you, the h-scenes are completely irrelevant, hence the removal/replacement of them in the future Realta Nua releases of the game). The other hours that aren't adrenaline rushing badass action scenes of ideals being pitted against other ideals, are boring monologues (a major flaw, but not anything to do with cute moe fanservice like the franchise is known for today), and some mellow slice of life scenes that weren't reliant on moe comedy but rather world building and conversations that deepened the character's relationships with one another. There were probably less fanservice scenes and moe scenes in FSN than there were h scenes, and that's saying something! The only fanservice scene I can think of is the Saber bathtub scene! The other sexual scenes are not meant to be titillating, and if you got aroused from the scene with Saber being molested by Caster then that says a lot more about you than anything else.
Anyways... onto the actual post I wrote on MAL.

MAL Forum Thread:

My post is on page 4 (Post #159).

ssjokg said:
The bias tho.

Somehow it is fine to have King Arthur as a teenage girl but if another series does it to another character it is instantly the worst thing ever.

HikariJake's reply:
EDIT: Just realized that there are 4 pages of this thread but my post should still be somewhat relevant, I would think.

Fate stay night was mostly a fight of men. What I mean by that is, even though it was an eroge, the focus of Fate stay night was not the cuteness of the girls. Fanservice and moe played a minor role, but for the most part, Fate stay night was about idealism, a fight of philosophy, and hell, even the term GAR stemmed from it because Archer was so fucking macho and badass. Fate stay night was an intense thriller with hardly any cute fanservice.

Let's think of it this way: out of 7 servants, 4 of them were male (and adult men, to boot). Add in Gilgamesh, and we had 5 male servants against 3 female servants, and 1 of those female servants wore a hood and the other covered her eyes (AND they were both adult women!), so the only servant that could be seen as "cute" was Saber; yet, Saber's armor was very modest and (fairly) practical, covering all of her body. Fate/stay night was mature. The only moe character in stay night was Illya, and she was fucking psychotic. See where I'm getting at? Saber being a woman wasn't an issue, because of the mature way in which her and the other characters were presented. All of the servants were adults (excluding Saber) and the only one that had fanservicey clothes was Rider, and it made sense for her character. Add in the fact that Rider was a sexy woman instead of a slutty loli and that also makes her fanservice far more bearable and less immoral.

What I'm saying is, Fate began as a mature, dark series that had very little fanservice and moe. That all went down the shitter with Hollow Ataraxia. The most popular Fates are FSN and Fate/Zero for a reason: they are mature and aren't a moe shitfest. This is why people complain about every Fate other than stay night and Zero. It isn't hypocritical in the least to point out that Fate has become less mature.

ssjokg replied to me, but Neizaru replied more or less how I would have replied (maybe even better than I would have replied) so I didn't feel the need to reply again.

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