Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fascinating take on Fullmetal Alchemist 2003's themes

"Honestly, one of the reasons that I prefer 2003 is that it ditches the concept of Equivalent Exchange. The protagonist is allowed to be wrong for a change, and as Dante picks his ideology apart by citing how unfair the world is, Ed is unable to offer a proper rebuttal. He's never able to explain to her why some people are born with more talent than others or why some are born poor, work hard in an attempt to claw their way up to sustainable living standard, and die penniless.

Metaphorically, this is also why Ed is able to bring Al back to life without offering an exchange of equivalent value, culminating in the end of Ed’s coming of age story. This just comes off as a far more realistic view of the world, in comparison to the heavily idealistic view expressed in Brotherhood. Mustang summarizes it perfectly: "The world isn't perfect, but that's why it's so damn beautiful." Brotherhood didn't offer that level of insight or catharsis; it was just entertaining."

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