Monday, June 12, 2017

"Anime" means "Animation", it doesn't have to be from Japan - What really grinds my f*cking gears #1

Over and over and over, ever since an, uh, "anime" from China called "The King's Avatar" has taken the otakuverse by storm, people have been flocking the comments sections of Youtube with comments such as "At this rate anime will be define as Asian Animation instead of Japanese Animation...." Now, this comment sounds neither enthusiastic nor pessimistic about the idea, but the comments that follow adore the concept.
This really grinds my f*cking gears!

"Anime means Animation, so..."
"Anime is a slang for animation in Japanese"

Regardless of the original Japanese intent, in the West fans of Japanese animation have taken the slang "anime" as a catchy name for "Animation from Japan" and decided to run with it. For more than two decades, "anime" has meant "Animation from Japan" to the vast majority of the world (yes, the vast majority of the world calls Japanese animation and exclusively Japanese animation "anime"). If you truly believe "anime" means nothing more than "animation", try calling Shrek an anime to the average person and you'll be either laughed at or they'll take it as a joke. That's why, animation from China is not anime, and I will stand by that.
Two years ago, the anime community would have scorned over the thought of calling anything made outside of Japan "anime". Now that another Asian country is making animation that looks similar to anime and it's becoming popular in Japan, all of a sudden people are okay with calling it "anime" and decide to use  the defense of "well anime just means cartoons"? Come on, man. Hell, Frozen was extremely popular in Japan, why not call that an anime too?

"Sorry to break it to you, but anime is in fact cartoons, and anything animated is anime as per the original definition of the word." - Some asshat on YouTube
Sorry to break it to you, but the definition doesn't really matter if people don't abide by it. Around the world for the past two decades, "anime" has meant "animation from Japan". There's a reason why the term "Japanimation" transformed into "anime"; it was a new, easier to say and attractive term for Japanese animation that caught on. So whether or not anime means "cartoon" in Japanese has no relevance to what the word has become to the rest of the world.

"considering anime (アニメ) is short for animeeshon (アニメーション) or animation yeah anime is defined as not only asian animation but american animation as well is a common misconception to believe that anime is only japanese animation. The More you know"
If you're speaking in the Japanese language, then sure. But in Western countries and speaking in the English language, "anime" refers to Japanese animation. JFC!

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