Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Air: The Motion Picture - Otaku Thoughts #58

This is the Air that I always dreamed of.
I really wish I had watched this film earlier; like Psycho Pass 2, I was put off from the low score of this film on MAL (anything below 7.70 on MAL is relatively low, for MAL's standards). Unlike Psycho Pass 2, though, I actually put this film off for not two years, but nearly FOUR years. In the watching of this film, I got a sense of fulfillment knowing that all of my issues with the Air TV series were realized in a concise narrative.

Friday, May 5, 2017

"It's all subjective."

"It's all subjective."
"It's just my opinion."

OF COURSE it's your opinion. But, that's the beauty of opinions: they can be changed. Unless you're saying that you do not have an open mind, then opinions are not set in stone like facts are.
Subjectivity can still be argued. In fact, they can be debated more so than facts, because facts are, well, objective. There's a truth to facts. A truth that cannot be argued, if it is a real fact, that is.
At the same token, there can be objective backing to a subjective view. I can say that, for example, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the greatest shounen anime-- an opinionated statement-- but then I can back up that statement with relatively objective viewpoints, such as it has lots of plot buildup, a dynamic soundtrack, fluid fights, few noticeable animation quality dips for 64 episodes, etc.
If you are having a conversation, or a debate with another person, and they say, after you argue your points adequately, "It's all subjective", or "It's just an opinion", then they either A) Cannot find flaws in your argument, or B) Couldn't care less to evaluate your arguments and learn that your point of view has legitimacy. It is most likely the latter, because most arguments with a subjective view, even when backed by some objectivity, tend to be flawed. Regardless, even if it does happen to be the latter, then that just proves that they don't actually care much about their own opinions, nor of your own. At the end of it all, it is frustrating and most certainly a shame whenever someone couldn't be bothered to give their thoughts on a matter and only say "It's all subjective", because it adds nothing to the conversation. I myself love hearing and debating different points of views. I like learning of other subjectivities and broadening my horizons. I can't learn about the views of another if they only point out what is lying on face value: that their subjective opinion is "subjective".