Monday, April 24, 2017

Oreimo VS Eromanga-sensei

A YouTube commenter told me something along the lines of this (well, actually, he told me exactly this):
"it looks like oreimo bcoz it was written by the same author.. Oreimo should have been better, the author tried to be unique with the story but wasn't able to give it a good ed and it turn to a complete flop making it one of the worst anime.. since the author made a huge mistake on oreimo he decided to do another series, ero manga it really have the same oreimo vibes and fans from the his previous series are speculating this will turn out to be the same oreimo flop, but it didn't the author learned a lot from the mistakes the flaws of oreimo and made it better, some fans say this is what oreimo should have been in the first place, I'm also one of the people who criticize the series before it aired that it will be the same oreimo shit all over again but after watching the 3 eps of the series you can probably tell the author didn't want us to compare this to his previous work and this is a new and better series.."

As a fan of Oreimo, I found this absurd, and so I responded as such:
"I very much disagree with you saying that Oreimo was a complete flop, and also with your statement of Eromanga sensei being better. Oreimo's characters were actually believable, while, for example, Elf Yamada is nowhere within my suspension of disbelief even close to a person that I could fathom existing. Kyousuke was an interesting MC who actually wanted what was best for his sister, instead of being like the MC of Eromanga who is basically an enabler, letting his little sister be an irresponsible shut in. Sure, she interacts with people online, but she does absolutely nothing for herself. And MC just takes it. I could go on about how Kuroneko actually feels like a real person, as she's an otaku girl but is overall just a normal girl in a normal family, not an elven nudist piano-playing light novel author 14 year old girl who bought her own house even though she clearly isn't responsible enough to own said house because she just leaves the window wide open without the curtains shut while completely naked, but I digress...
Case in point: Oreimo is actually believable, and I didn't touch upon this much, but Kyousuke becoming immersed in otaku culture after being a "normie" was super entertaining to experience throughout the show, and the humor was charming. Eromanga sensei has a buttload of contrived plot conveniences and ridiculous characters. It's fun, it's cute, and it's not unenjoyable, but so far, I can't say it's much more than that, and it certainly isn't better than Oreimo."

This was on my heavily disliked Eromanga-sensei Ep. 3 Live Reaction video, and I'm only archiving this here just in case my video gets removed from copyright.

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