Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I believe that anime is an artform - Otaku Thoughts #57

As a male anime fan, I do appreciate looking at pretty anime girls.
The reason why I retweet cute anime girls from these series that I don't connect with, is because, as an aspiring artist, looking at a well-drawn female form is incredibly valuable to me.
So then, how come shows like Eromanga-sensei don't appeal to me very much? It has pretty girls. Well-drawn ones, in fact.
Well, it's because I also appreciate it when a story treats its audience as people who want to consume art, not just petty fanservice and dick jokes.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Oreimo VS Eromanga-sensei

A YouTube commenter told me something along the lines of this (well, actually, he told me exactly this):
"it looks like oreimo bcoz it was written by the same author.. Oreimo should have been better, the author tried to be unique with the story but wasn't able to give it a good ed and it turn to a complete flop making it one of the worst anime.. since the author made a huge mistake on oreimo he decided to do another series, ero manga it really have the same oreimo vibes and fans from the his previous series are speculating this will turn out to be the same oreimo flop, but it didn't the author learned a lot from the mistakes the flaws of oreimo and made it better, some fans say this is what oreimo should have been in the first place, I'm also one of the people who criticize the series before it aired that it will be the same oreimo shit all over again but after watching the 3 eps of the series you can probably tell the author didn't want us to compare this to his previous work and this is a new and better series.."

As a fan of Oreimo, I found this absurd, and so I responded as such:
"I very much disagree with you saying that Oreimo was a complete flop, and also with your statement of Eromanga sensei being better. Oreimo's characters were actually believable, while, for example, Elf Yamada is nowhere within my suspension of disbelief even close to a person that I could fathom existing. Kyousuke was an interesting MC who actually wanted what was best for his sister, instead of being like the MC of Eromanga who is basically an enabler, letting his little sister be an irresponsible shut in. Sure, she interacts with people online, but she does absolutely nothing for herself. And MC just takes it. I could go on about how Kuroneko actually feels like a real person, as she's an otaku girl but is overall just a normal girl in a normal family, not an elven nudist piano-playing light novel author 14 year old girl who bought her own house even though she clearly isn't responsible enough to own said house because she just leaves the window wide open without the curtains shut while completely naked, but I digress...
Case in point: Oreimo is actually believable, and I didn't touch upon this much, but Kyousuke becoming immersed in otaku culture after being a "normie" was super entertaining to experience throughout the show, and the humor was charming. Eromanga sensei has a buttload of contrived plot conveniences and ridiculous characters. It's fun, it's cute, and it's not unenjoyable, but so far, I can't say it's much more than that, and it certainly isn't better than Oreimo."

This was on my heavily disliked Eromanga-sensei Ep. 3 Live Reaction video, and I'm only archiving this here just in case my video gets removed from copyright.

Welcome to the NHK is the only work of art that captures how I feel, and what I am - Otaku Thoughts #56

I hate it when people say something along the lines of "There are other people like you."
It feels so forced, and it seems like just a wishy-washy, half-hearted statement from people with more fulfilling lives with nothing better to tell you, because they don't and never will understand who you are nor how you feel. Whether they realize it or not, they are looking down on you, because if telling someone "There are other people like you" or "It's okay to be how you are" or "It's normal to have those feelings", but leave it at that and do nothing more to truly help, then they don't give two shits about you.
I don't ask to be pitied, I only want to point out how much it feels like there really isn't anyone else like me out there:
I've been a chronic truant in school with such social anxiety that I couldn't hang out with any of the (very few) kids who wanted to hang out with me, since the 6th grade.
My therapist has told me, after being shown my school attendance records, that he's "never seen anything like this". That I had the absolute worst school attendance he'd ever seen, besides kids who had dropped out.
People talking about me behind my back apparently isn't even only in my head; I remember a "friend" telling me that people, whenever I wasn't in the classroom, would say how weird I was for never talking, being so quiet.
I've been sent to a mental hospital twice, in the school refusal/social anxiety program... and I was the only one in the program that couldn't connect with others. I was the only one that would still sit by myself, while all the other apparently socially anxious kids chatted away with one another, shared Facebooks (even though that was forbidden to exchange contact info), and generally became friends with one another.
I have had my driving permit for almost a year (it's nearly expired), and despite my parents pushing me to get my license, I'm far too afraid to take the driving test; not for the driving aspect, but because of the social aspect of being tested, alone in a car with a person I don't even know.
I've been on more depression and anxiety meds than I can count, and over the years I've been on them, I've only gotten worse; I've only stood cooped up in my room more, depressed and thinking to myself how much I want to die, and how much I hate the world.

So, what does this have to do with Welcome to the NHK's original novel, which I'm currently reading, as well as its anime?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

On the lack of character development with Light Yagami

Light Yagami didn't need character development. He wasn't exactly made to be relatable to most people; he was hellbent on his own ideals and was a manipulative bastard, and what would you know, he always one-upped his opponents. His strategy and outlook worked. His ideals were broad enough that even when questioned, he could justify it, because whether people should be allowed to kill others and become a God has no objective answer.
Light is stubborn, intelligent, and cunning. His character is what makes Death Note so appealing-- and no, not necessarily his personality, although his personality was entertaining-- but his twisted ideals and how they would always beat out the more socially-accepted standards of "justice" that L would uphold, all the way up until the very end when Light got too cocky.
Death Note is a series that is about a narcissistic man's downward spiral into getting a taste of karma biting him in the ass. His lack of development was intentional; since Light never changed his outlook and was so stubbornly sure that he was the definitive justice, he ends up thinking he knows how to manipulate everyone and read their minds. He thought he could just fool N the same way he's fooled everyone else, because Light hadn't developed enough to know that his same old tricks wouldn't work. And unlike most series which would protect the main character's lack of development with plot armor, Light ends up losing. His losing was intended from the start, as was his lack of development.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nico Niiyama (Kiznaiver) ~Beauty of Anime Character Designs~

I think the biggest reason why I love anime and decide to watch majority anime over any other medium is because I have an attraction to the general anime artstyle. 
I was drawn to the Pok√©mon anime as a child because I thought Ash Ketchum, with his look of serious determination, was more admirable and cool than other cartoon characters; with the females, I thought that Dawn was so cute and pretty. Obviously, as characters, they are obnoxious and cliche, but their designs look so appealing. 
When I turned on the Hub channel, Deltora Quest really drew me in for similar reasons; Lief had a look of a noble hero in the vein of Link from Legend of Zelda, another series with a predominantly "anime" artstyle. 
Then Fullmetal Alchemist brought me into the entire world of anime, and Edward Elric had the perfect "cool" character design that the me in middle school so aspired to be.
This is why anime that have radically different, unique artstyles don't grab my interest as much. I want the beautiful anime eyes, the gorgeous, flowing hair... Something about it clicks with me more than the extremely exaggerated designs of Western children's cartoons, or even live action.

I am doing this series for that very reason. And so, I will be looking at different anime and expressing the 
~Beauty of Anime Character Designs~

Nico has a very... outlandish design.
Yet somehow, she manages to pull it off as cute! The craziness of her design tells you exactly what kind of character she is.
Her facial expressions are bubbly, always emotive, with big wide eyes. Her eyebrows are stubby, and her mouth is larger than the average anime girl-- with her big mouth, you are able to tell that she is loud and obnoxious, in an endearing way because of its roundness.
Her design would traumatize Death the Kid, as Nico is completely asymmetrical:

  • one arm has a flower bracelet on it, the other has her Kiznaiver scars
  • on one hip is her green bear thing, the other has nothing
  • one leg has a pink-starred green thigh-high sock, the other has a pink sock a little higher than her ankles
  • her hair bands are different, and one of her wavy pigtails is even slightly longer than the other! 
The sheer detail to asymmetricality is really impressive and must have been a pain in the ass to draw and animate, but I'm glad that they put such attention to detail in Nico's design because not only is she hella cute, but the asymmetrical design further adds to the visual story of her character and tells you that she is not orderly or neat but very childish and lighthearted, if not a bit kooky.
Even the contrasting colors of her hair that do not match whatsoever add in to Nico's asymmetry; the patterns, the colors, almost nothing about Nico's design is refined.
Perhaps the only bit of symmetry with Nico's design other than her face is the pink rabbit thing that she dons as a long necklace right down the middle all the way to her tummy, and the two little, what would appear to be, pink bears on her matching shoes. Personally, I wish that even her shoes were different colors or even different types of shoes, that would have been funny but oh well, kind of a missed opportunity.
Her posture has her feet put close together, but her toes are pointed straight forward, even a bit outward, which is ever-so-slightly off center, like her personality. Her fingers are stretched outward, and her hands are in a girly pose, so we can tell that she's energetic with feminine mannerisms.
We can't end this without mentioning the poofiness of her skirt which compliments her poofy, goofy personality.
Nico's design is completely formatted around her zany personality; this is the kind of design that you don't even need to watch the show to know what kind of adorable girl Nico is.
Hell, even her surname, Niiyama, looks funny. Everything about her is funny!
Nico's absurdly cute design oozes charm, and is perhaps the one most creative I've ever seen. I would love to own an figure of her; hopefully one of her will be made in the future, however unfortunately doubtful that is.
Kiznaiver has a lot of fantastic character designs, so I will most certainly be covering some if not all of the other characters. Stay tuned!


Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Tsukihime anime DOES exist - Otaku Thoughts #55

No you didn't. Don't kid yourself, MAL user by the name of "McRib". You went in expecting to write a MAL review to 'comically' shit on the show and get views, and congrats, you succeeded.
You know, I've seen the statement of "I wanted to be the one to give the show a chance" used multiple times by people who "gave the anime a shot" but ended up hating it along with everyone else.

"So there's a funny little joke that goes around anime communities and it goes along the lines of 'There is no Tsukihime anime'. I thought it was all in jest when I decided to see what the fuss was about on this show. Sadly though, I too believe there is no Tsukihime anime after watching this monstrosity." 

Why can't anime fans see the beauty in the Tsukihime anime?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Masamune-kun no Revenge isn't a harem, nor is it similar to Nisekoi - Otaku Thoughts #54

Quick thoughts of Masamune-kun no Revenge, from my MAL tags:
Awesome premise with a hilarious main character who's internal monologues at times made this show feel like Death Note meets a romance anime. Character development was great until last 3 eps when things reverted to how they were in the beginning. Rating: Enjoyable

This post is from a MAL topic I made that got little attention but I liked how I worded it so I'll archive it here as an Otaku Thoughts post. Read this post because I add more thoughts and have pictures.

Masamune has three girls as potential love interests, which is enough to be considered a harem; a small harem, but a harem nonetheless.

But here's why it isn't a harem:

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Quick thoughts about Arcueid's Route (True Ending) - Tsukihime (Visual Novel)

Perhaps it's just because we can read Shiki's thoughts in the internal monologues of the visual novel, but how he so clearly and boldly expresses his love for Arcueid is so unlike any other protagonist I have witnessed.
Somehow, the h-scene was filled with love and passion, not vulgarity and empty lustfulness. The love between the two was so clearly conveyed in this h scene, and instead of making me aroused, it made my heart flutter with warmth.
The "What if" dialogue brought up between Shiki and Arcueid, SPOILERSlater to be brought up again on Arcueid's deathbed,END OF SPOILERS brought tears to my eyes.

"Hey Shiki. What if?