Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Anime is NOT as Sexual and Perverted as Modern Western Culture - Otaku Thoughts #53

Note: There are always exceptions to what I talk about. This post is referring to the average anime, not, say, Ninja Scroll or Berserk, which have many sexual scenes.

In American sitcoms and comedy specials and dramas, everyone is sleeping around and everything is sex, sex, alcohol, and more goddamn sex.
Now, what about anime?
People say that Japan is super perverted and over sexual with their entertainment but I disagree. Sure, there's panty shots but nothing about sleeping around and being a whore is glorified in any anime-- not counting Galko-chan, KissxSis, and Futari Ecchi.

And excluding Shimoneta, too... lol

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Amagami SS (Season 1, SS+, and Miya OVA) - Otaku Thoughts #52

Amagami SS
is a beloved romance anime that adapts EVERY route from its original VN, Amagami.
How it does this, is it spends 4 episodes on a girl, and then resets to the beginning and moves on to the next route.
It's rather unique in this aspect, and most of the routes are heartwarming romances that do well to fit its stories into four episodes.
Since every arc is so different, I will be going over every arc individually, giving them each their own "rating". At the end, I will give an overall "score" to the entire show: this includes the first season, Miya's OVA, and the second season, SS+!
This post will contain a lot of spoilers (I couldn't resist talking about some of this stuff lol)