Monday, February 27, 2017

Nintendo's Fall from Power - Otaku Thoughts #51

This was for my Speech class but I thought I'd turn it into an Otaku Thoughts post as a lot of anime fans are also into gaming and Nintendo. Enjoy!

There’s a popular misconception amongst gamers that Nintendo was never about hardware power and only about creating games-- the graphics didn’t matter to Nintendo, people think.
This is utterly false. Nintendo used to be a consistently strong competitor to other companies in terms of hardware power all the way up until the Wii; why did Nintendo stop creating traditional consoles that boasted power, that could compete with Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox? For so long, 4 whole video game generations, in fact (which was over 20 years), Nintendo was a powerhouse of gaming. Their Nintendo Entertainment System slogan in the 1980’s even said, “Now you’re playing with power!”

They used to be cool; now Nintendo’s only known as the old, out of touch Japanese company that creates Mario and Zelda. What happened?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why is Psycho Pass 2 so loathed by the anime community? - Otaku Thoughts #50

I held off on watching Psycho Pass 2 for over two years because I heard it was a trainwreck of disappointment that did not hold up to the thrilling sci fi police crime drama of season 1. The final nail in the coffin, though, was that my favorite character, Kogami, would not be appearing in season 2, either.

Mah boy Kogami
I decided back in 2014 as it was airing that it wasn't worth my time.
So why then, in early 2017, did I decide to give Psycho Pass 2 a shot? It was over two years ago that I finished season 1-- and I hadn't even rewatched it, but I still remember the details of the story and characters, because it was that ingrained in my mind.
Honestly, what convinced me to watch season 2 was something so silly: I downloaded the opening song, "Enigmatic Feeling" by the awesome band Ling Toshite Shigure (they also did the first OP of season 1 and the OP of Tokyo Ghoul, "unravel"). The song was so badass and gave me goosebumps and I've been in the mood for a thriller anime for a while, so I decided, screw it if Psycho Pass 2 is bad; hopefully it would at least be entertaining.
So I went in expecting it to be trash. Episode 1 was nothing special, sure, but episode 2 hooked me; by episode 4, it was so intense and I knew that Psycho Pass was back.

The rest of this post will contain heavy spoilers for Psycho Pass 2. So I'll put my rating here: Psycho Pass 2 is Wonderful-- wonderfully thrilling, chilling, sadistic and messed up, yet with a morally righteous main character of Akane and you just know that the atrocities of the conspiracy she and her group unravels won't corrupt her; you really root for Akane and hope she pulls through. That's good writing. And that's why, even though Psycho Pass 2 has very "edgy" scenes, I'm okay with it, because it wasn't forced and it had a purpose unlike Akame ga Kill.
Spoilers are ahead.
So why the hell is Psycho Pass 2 so loathed by the anime community? That's what I want to find out in this post. Let's pull up the negative (and very popular) MAL reviews regarding Psycho Pass 2.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

How certain kinds of anime are marketed-- usually involving cute girls! - Otaku Thoughts #49

My brother walked into my room and saw my anime collection; on the top of my shelf are all of my figures (I own mostly figmas... they're the cheapest and they're cool, so don't judge, lol-- most figure collectors don't like figmas because they're posable "action" figures and they don't consider them real "works of art", in case you didn't know).

Most of my anime figures!
(My Sakura Kinomoto and Asuka from Eva 3.0 prize figures are missing from this photo)
We started to talk about anime, and he doesn't know much about anime (he's never completed an anime other than some Miyazaki films and Batman: Gotham Knight), and he brought up a valid observation: all of my anime figures, with the exception of my Link figma, are cute female characters.
This isn't uncommon for an anime fan/collector. Female characters are by and large the mascots of most anime and are the most heavily marketed, even when they aren't the main character (such as in most visual novels).
Why is this? Well, that's what I'd like to discuss, and unlike my "Why Comedy Anime Fails to Make Me Laugh" post and the Yuri on Ice post I made where I explored the subject and tried to find the answer, right off the bat I already know the answer as to why cute/pretty girls are the most marketable:
Short answer? The vast majority of anime fans are single men who long for a girlfriend and love collecting their waifus and have gigabytes upon gigabytes of hentai containing their waifu.
But even though that basically explains it, there is another reason why I'm writing this post, and that's to explore how not all anime, and not even all popular anime, focus on marketing specifically their female characters, and why that is; I will be going through each specific kind of anime and see how they choose to market themselves. Let's go!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Kanon 06 is so Wonderful - Otaku Thoughts #48

My thoughts from this review still hold up so I decided I'd share it here! 
Kanon (2006) is so wonderful.
I'm really sick; I want to be posting frequently so today this is what I'll be posting. I'm going to head to sleep, so I will add pictures at a later time-- probably tonight. Done! Added pictures!

This post ended up becoming far more original and different from my 2014 review; it's like an extended version! Haha. The pictures and my modern thoughts make it a far more enjoyable, in-depth read.
I hope you enjoy this review~!
Anything in bold are edits made by the present me, AKA me at 11 PM 2/13/17 ahaha

"...It's a promise."

I remember, about a year ago, I watched Kanon 2006. It was good and all, but at the time, I just finished watching Clannad: After Story, which became my favorite anime ever (and still is). Because of that, all I did was compare Kanon to Clannad. And because of that I didn't like it very much. I soon forgot about Kanon, and whenever it was brought up in conversation, I always said, "Just watch Clannad. It's the same as Kanon, except 10 times better lolz."

...What an idiotic statement that is.

Otaku Thoughts change!

If you haven't already noticed, most of my "Otaku Thoughts" aren't so much reviews of the overall show as much as just, well, my thoughts on a certain aspect(s) of the show/movie/what have you. So from now on, I will not title an Otaku Thoughts post as if it were a review (ie. "Fullmetal Alchemist (2003; anime) - Otaku Thoughts #__) but will instead have the title relate to a more specific theme or question that the post focuses on (ie. "Fullmetal Alchemist 03 is like a Soap Opera compared to FMAB - Otaku Thoughts #__").
I will be renaming most of the Otaku Thoughts posts!
Because I'm turning this into even less of a review format, I will also, from now on, not be giving "scores" or "ratings" to any anime/manga/etc I write a post on. I will keep the ratings in the older posts, though!

~ HikariJake ~

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Intriguing Master and Slave Romance... from a Hentai?! - Otaku Thoughts #47

Rance Quest?
What is that, a knock off of Dragon Quest?
I'd rather read hentai doujinsh-- wait a sec...
This is a hentai?!
I'm actually going there...?!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Yuri on Ice is more "heteronormative" than you think - Otaku Thoughts #46

In my "Diminishment of Masculinity and Male-Female Couples in Anime" post, I came down pretty hard on Yuri on Ice.
And in this post, I am going to burn Yuri on Ice even harder and end this once and for all.
To all of the people who think that Yuri on Ice isn't a poor representation of gay couples and isn't at all yaoi/fujoshi bait, but in fact a wonderful, unique homosexual romance between two truly masculine characters...
Well, buckle up, buttercup. 
Yuri on Ice is more "heteronormative" than you think.

Yuri!!!!!!1!! on Ice
was a mega smash-hit in the anime community for being so daring in that it has a couple that wasn't "queerbait" but legitimately gay. 
Wow, so bold. 
So original. 
It's not like being part of the LGBT narrative is the new fad these days--
It's not like a transsexual by the birth name of Bruce Jenner won the women of the year award for being a man who crossdresses and cut off his cock.

Tomoko is Mentally Ill - Otaku Thoughts #45

Watamote: No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Unpopular!
is an OreGairu, Welcome to the NHK-wannabe with a title that is far too long,
produced by Silver Link., a studio that is unnoteworthy, creating the comedy anime that I have no interest in watching Baka to Test, as well as the revolting, unrealistically melodramatic romance of Kokoro Connect... and Strike the Blood, an uninspired harem action piece of dogshit. And Chivalry of a Failed Knight, another uninspired harem but at least the main romance was beautiful and the action entertaining.
This studio is mediocre at best. So I suppose it's only fitting that Watamote, too, is mediocre at best.

Watamote was incredibly grating and painful to watch, as a person with social anxiety myself, but I have gotten much better with my social skills... and although I was really bad with my anxiety, I was never as bad as this mentally ill cunt of a protagonist, Tomoko.

Dear mother of God...