Thursday, January 5, 2017

In Blue Spring Ride, Love Prevails - Otaku Thoughts #44

Back when I first watched Blue Spring Ride (known as Ao Haru Ride in Japanese) as it was airing in 2014, I became bored of it, not wanting to watch a realistic slice of life romance. It seemed like a generic shoujo, and I decided to drop it.

Yeah, I know, right?
I dropped this show for two whole years.
After longing for a beautiful romance in my anime, I picked the show back up out of desperation-- and I realized...
Wow, was I wrong about this anime.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Diminishment of Masculinity & Male-Female Couples in Anime - Otaku Thoughts #43

"I've always been fascinated and attracted to the subject of androgyny... exploring history, but the more I explored it, the more I realized that, historically, the movement towards androgyny occurs in late stages of culture, as a civilization is starting to unravel. You find it again and again and again in history.

In the Greek art, you can see it happen. All of a sudden, the sculptures of handsome nude young men athletes that used to be very robust in the Archaic period suddenly begin to seem like 'wet noodles' toward the end.
The people who live in such periods... the Hellenistic period... the Roman Empire... Weimar Germany... people who live in such times feel that they are very sophisticated, they're very cosmopolitan, and homosexuality, heterosexuality, so what, anything goes and so on. But, from the perspective of historical distance, you can see it's a culture that no longer believes in itself and then what you, invariably, get are people who are convinced of the power of heroic masculinity on the edges, whether they are the Vandals and the Huns, or whether they are the barbarians of ISIS. You see them starting to mass on the outside of the culture. And that's what we have right now."
~ Camille Paglia 

Important Note:
I really don't care if there are shows with gay couples. There have ALWAYS been shows with gay couples, and if you like that, more power to you.
My fear here, is the complete eradication or the lessening of shows with male-female couples, that contain actually badass, masculine guys-- or any guys AT ALL.
Also, I never did mention Drifters in this post. I never have seen it yet, so maybe that'll fill my void. Eh, regardless, I've been watching older anime (just finished Blue Spring Ride!!) so I'm okay for now.
And in a few months, I'll probably be back to watching moe lesbian shit again. Lmao
On to the post...

I appreciate characters like Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, Guts from Berserk, and Emiya Shirou from Fate/stay night; I wish there were more manly characters like them who share a beautiful romance with the woman they love and go out of their way to protect her in anime these days.

This is a thing of the past.
Make way for the 'progressive' couples in anime.
In an era of "toxic masculinity" infiltrating the minds of gullible people who read the media, along with Japan's obsession with moe shows with casts full of lesbian girls, I have a feeling that cool, honorable male characters who stand up for themselves and share a heartwarming romance with a pretty girl is only going to become more and more rare in anime and in entertainment in general.

In Defense of Emiya Shirou, Part 2: "Sexism" & Protecting Saber - Otaku Thoughts #42

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you, and here's to another anime-filled year of blogging!

Today on Otaku Thoughts, I want to tackle a major complaint of Shirou's character from Fate/stay night that seriously bugs me.

You see, one of the biggest complaints of Emiya Shirou, especially in the Fate route and the 2006 DEEN anime adaptation, is that he is "sexist".
I don't see that. I see quite the opposite.