Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Haruhi Suzumiya series: True Creativity - Otaku Thoughts #41

~The SOS Brigade~
(The "Spreading Excitement All Over the World with Haruhi Suzumiya" Brigade--
yes, it's as absurd as it sounds.
That's our Haruhi for you. Our beloved brigade leader.)
Here I am wishing that anime TV series coming out 2015-onwards would be more creative than "OMFG, he just kissed Yuri, how gay! I LOVE it, LGBTQWTF*@! FTFW! You're gay, and you're gay, everyone is gay, THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE GAY, MWAHAHAHAHAHAH--"
Okay... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe that'll be exciting for about a week or two on Tumblr. But then what?
Just being 'progressive' doesn't make a show super creative. It only makes it a fad, trying to "be cool" and fit in with our highly 'progressive', diversity-accepting times that most of us outside of the far political left don't want to have shoved down our throats in every show (note: Yuri on Ice has above average animation and is not bad but will not be remembered as a classic, I can guarantee that. Personally, I quite dislike YoI). 
So let's take a show that did creativity right. It still tried to fit in with the times by having a more moe artstyle in season 2, but season 2 was an utter disaster anyway so I will be mostly referring to season 1 and the film of the biggest phenomenon to break out of the the anime world in the decade of the 2000's, rivaling Death Note, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Gurren Lagann; that show was The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. And all of its "rivals"? All of those were action or thriller shows!

Not Haruhi. Haruhi did its own thing, and became beloved by not only diehard otakus, but even the casual action lovers.
How is a non-action show entertaining to even that crowd?

Monday, December 5, 2016

Is it true that Oshiete! Galko-chan is an enjoyable anime? - Otaku Thoughts #40


Today on Otaku Thoughts, an important question:

Is it true that really big boobs will float in water?
It's true!

I hated Oshiete! Galko-chan for the first few (7 min runtime) episodes.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Why is it so difficult for Anime Comedy to make me laugh? - Otaku Thoughts #39

Most anime don't make me ohoho
I'm not even sure if I will find a definitive answer for this by the end of the post (edit: I did, actually) but I'm going to try to figure this out.

I have a friend who watches more anime than I do these days, which isn't saying much I suppose as I don't watch many anime anymore. But he's tried to show me some comedy anime that he finds hilarious, and the comedy ends up missing far more than it hits for me. It made me groan and yawn from boredom and scratch my head from its stupidity and randomness rather than make me laugh, which is what comedy aims to do.

Let's take a comedy anime that everyone loves, shall we? Nichijou.

Monday, November 21, 2016

What's with my obsession with "Hikari"? (I love Dawn from Pokemon) - Otaku Thoughts #38

This'll just be a quick little post (lol, turned out longer than I expected ahaha) explaining where the "Hikari" came from in my name, HikariJake.

Anyone who's a fan of Pokemon may know the character Dawn: she's the female trainer from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
But her Japanese name was, well, Hikari.

Her videogame character looks more serious and badass; however, that's not the Dawn who I love.

This is my Dawn :3 I adore her

A Quick Rundown of my Thoughts on Shirobako - Otaku Thoughts #37

a late 2014-early 2015 TV series by the studio PA Works,
is a charming series about anime production and following your dreams.


I haven't been active in posting here for over 2 weeks... Let's fix that, shall we?

Yeah I don't know either

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kimi no Na wa/Your Name is Breathtaking - Otaku Thoughts #36

I just finished watching a really poor quality torrent of the brand new Makoto Shinkai film 
Kimi no Na wa.

But even with its poor quality, it did not distract me in the slightest from this breathtaking film; and I'm not referring solely to the visuals. It's a Shinkai film, so gorgeous visuals are expected. And Kimi no Na wa certainly lived up to and perhaps surpassed other Shinkai films in that department; even at what was probably 360p quality I felt goosebumps emerge all over my body from the sheer awe-inspiring visuals.
The visuals were the last thing that amazed me in this film. In fact, they were almost an afterthought. That's insane. The visuals were heavenly. Why would I not care? Because the directing of the story and the intricate weaving of the characters and their relationships and experiences had me utterly struck back in astonishment.

Futari Ecchi: Romance or Smut? - Otaku Thoughts #35

Futari Ecchi,
a 2002 ecchi romance OVA, 
is a very cute anime! 

This show proves that sex can be portrayed as arousing yet so romantic and beautiful. Sex with your newlywed loved one, both of you equally nervous yet excited, and losing your virginity to each other... it must be the absolute best feeling ever.
I've never seen an anime with a focus on a newlywed married couple other than Clannad After Story but that was incredibly unrealistic, so this OVA is very refreshing in the romance department.

Friday, November 4, 2016

How I would make a Zelda game - Yes, it'd be "realistic" looking and dark, but NOT "Rated M" - Otaku Thoughts #34

Nintendrones seem to be under the impression that if a game looks realistic and has a darker story, then that automatically means an edgedark M-rated game with tits and blood galore.
What the hell? Why does that need to be the case?
This is mostly an anime blog so if you are here I'm sure you're probably familiar with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? Or even the original '03 anime? Those two shows are dark and mature as hell, but both have mild language, absolutely minimal sex (Brotherhood has no sex and 2 very mild bath scenes, FMA03 has implied rape but it's only implied), and in Brotherhood's case, a very hopeful story. Zelda could have a game like that.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Do I have good or bad memories of Golden Time? - Otaku Thoughts #33

Man, am I glad I picked
Golden Time
back up after putting it on hold at episode 4 for, like, a year and a half. 

The drama (oh man, the drama!!) and romance work really well here, and damn is the comedy enjoyable!! THAT TEA CLUB LMAO XD

Let me join this club please~
Uhh, wait, no... on second thought--

Monday, October 31, 2016

A War of Ass - Otaku Thoughts #32

It's Halloween, and what better thing to do on a day full of spooks and scares than talk about a horrifyingly mediocre anime? All during PE class where I have a substitute today and everyone is doing f*ck all, no less! Yay!

The Asterisk War.
Also known as the Ass War (credit goes to Digibro for that one, I'm not that clever).

First things first: Kirin and Saya absolutely save this show from being completely average. I love them.
Is what I would say if I didn't have standards.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Why Emiya Shirou's ideals are beautiful - Otaku Thoughts #31

“I was not wrong.” 
Emiya Shirou

Yeah this isn't a 'review' or thoughts on a series as a whole but rather on a specific character's ideals from the visual novel (and the TV series by DEEN and ufotable, to an extent) Fate/stay night.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

SHELTER isn't anything too special - Otaku Thoughts #30

is an inspiring music video not for its content; its content is completely average and tries too hard to be emotional and fails hard... well, for me, at least. Apparently everyone else cried buckets for this 6 minute music video but more on that later.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

5 Centimeters Per Second: Love sucks. - Otaku Thoughts #29

I have a History paper that I have to research for right now, so what better thing to do than to write about anime, am I right?

5 Centimeters Per Second
is a heart-wrenching emotional romance anime film by Makoto Shinkai about how painful it is to have a long distance relationship and moving on from your former love.

Monday, October 24, 2016

HikariJake goes full retard on Madoka Magica - Otaku Thoughts #28

I think it's about damn time that I talked about 
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
because if you've read any of my previous posts you may have thought to yourself, "Dayum! HikariJake is totally homophobic!" You know, since I've criticized or expressed my discomfort with the homo-teasing in Love Live, Hibike Euphonium, K-On (actually... no, I didn't, surprisingly enough. Tbh Ritsu x Mio is pretty cute), and recently Shinsekai Yori. 
But that's only because those had shitty yuri. You want some good yuri?

RPG Maker - Codename "Faded Light"

My friend and I are making a visual novel with Ren'Py but I've been working on a story in RPG Maker far before that; well, actually, I've been working on this story before even RPG Maker and in the future I still plan on turning it into a webcomic!
But to see how it all turns out I'm going to be making an RPG out of it, and once the story is completely finished it'll have a visual novel version!
The visual novel will be a bit different in some respects:

  • my friend wants it to be an eroge and have sex scenes.
  • there will be different routes where the MC can fall in love with a different girl than I had originally planned.
In the canon story, which will follow one route and will be the only story that is told in the RPG Maker game, there won't be any branching paths and one of the major themes is that the MC vows that he will never love anyone again after his previous lover died, but he'll still begrudgingly fall in love one more time...

This game will have a dark, brooding story with horrors unlike anything in most RPG Maker games- and I'm not talking about jump scares. The MC will be strong and can fight, but the monsters and situations other characters are found in will be nightmarish. Any hope that the MC had has started to disappear...

The Apocalypse - A certain man whom the government refers to as 'The Wanderer' unleashed an army of demons onto the planet and massacred over half of an entire country.
Humanity's savior, King Makoto, stepped up and promised the world that he would kill those monsters and rebuild this nation as King.
As if God gave him divine powers, he unexplainably wiped out the monsters in less than a week.
And The Wanderer has yet to be caught for over a year since.
What humans live in now is referred to as the Golden Age.
Old technology, such as cars and telephones, are beginning to resurface.
Terrible crimes such as murder and rape have ceased to be.
Pollution is a minority; wildlife is aplenty.
The world is a beautiful place, all thanks to King Makoto.
King Makoto…
This Organization…
I'll kill you…
I swear…
I will kill every last member... I will fulfill my vengeance.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rambling about From the New World/Shinsekai Yori - Otaku Thoughts #27

Shinsekai Yori is a slow anime at the beginning.
Episodes 1-8 were pretty boring to be honest, although it is necessary to build the world and to develop the characters, and after you get past those episodes, the plot and mystery of the show gets very intriguing, and I couldn't stop watching. It hit me hard, and the emotions are really strong.
And damn the later episodes are so intense and suspenseful. The conclusion was absolutely perfect, so many goosebumps...

Blog Update!

This site/blog sucks. I know it. You know it. We all know it.
I'm going to be changing some things:
Otaku Thoughts is going to stay, and the name will be the same, but it will only be for anime that I have Completed. Yes, I have not completed Bakemonogatari or Denpa Onna (I never will complete Denpa, f*ck that show) but I still wrote 'reviews' on them. Bakemonogatari I only had 3 episodes left when writing it, and I... I still... only have 3 episodes left. Lol. I need to finish it. And when I do, I will update the Thoughts post, if my opinion on it changes. The Denpa post will stay. This could be false but I highly doubt that the show would be worthwhile watching. I don't want to waste anymore of my time on it.
But for shows that I want to talk about, whether it be just a sentence or a whole freaking paragraph, I will write a post about an episode or episodes that I have seen with my general thoughts on the show thus far. I'll probably call it Otaku Reaction or some bs I guess. Hell if I know.
If I write about just 1 specific episode, it will be only about that episode. If I'm writing about epiodes, say, 1-4, then I will write about what I think about the series as a whole thus far. If that makes sense. If I write about episodes 3-8 or whatever, it will be focused on those episodes- get the picture?
I suck at this... Lol Well, it's fun writing this blog so that's all that counts.
Really, this blog is a personal archive for me of what I thought about a specific anime, because MAL tags are too short and writing what is essentially an essay on anime I have seen is fun. And if anyone wants to read it, then even better, right? ^^

~ HikariJake ~

The first season of Gantz isn't boring at all. - Otaku Thoughts #26

a thirteen-episode show from the year of 2004, 
animated by studio Gonzo, 
is a noteworthy anime for several reasons:

Reason #1:

Reason #2:

And reason #3:

And also reason #4:

The Origin Behind My YouTube Name

I know, all of you are absolutely fascinated with me and everything about me~ That's why you're here, after all :3
Wait, what? You are only here because I threatened you?
N-no, no no no, that wasn't a threat! It was only... encouragement...

Well, now that you're here, you might as well read through my little.... 'ramblings' eheheh.....

So! dragonwarriorz1. That's my YouTube name, and multiple people have thought that I was a fan of Dragon Ball Z, and I can see where that misconception would come from... With "Dragon" and "Z" in my username, of course I would love DBZ!!!
...Actually, no.
I couldn't care less about Dragon Ball Z. In fact, I quite dislike what little I have seen of it.
So what the hell?? Why did my 6th grader self choose an obvious DBZ reference for his username?
Because it's not a DBZ reference! I didn't even think of DBZ when creating that name.
I actually just wanted the name "dragonwarrior" because I was obsessed with retro gaming back then and anyone with knowledge--

Tai get out of my blog

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I fap to Hestia a lot - Otaku Thoughts #25

I think it's about time I ask a question that has been plaguing us humans since the dawn of anime:
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Well, to try and answer that question: no, I don't see anything wrong with-- 
It's not a question?
That's the title of an anime? And another generic light novel adaptation by freaking JC Staff, at that?


Friday, October 21, 2016

All You Need Is Kill - Otaku Thoughts #24

Welcome to the newest edition of the Thoughts series, Otaku Thoughts.
It will be practically the same as Anime Thoughts, but I will also be sharing my opinion and perspectives on manga as well as anime. Perhaps light novels, or even visual novels, too (if I ever complete anymore visual novels other than Fate/stay night, that is).
This post will be listed as Thoughts #24 because I will be counting "Why I generally prefer Japanese animation over Western animation" as Thoughts #23.
So, without further ado...

All You Need Is Kill.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Why I generally prefer Japanese animation over Western animation - Anime Thoughts #23

This is a very controversial topic apparently and I guess I have an equally controversial opinion; yes, I prefer one country's wider range of animation (Japan) over a whole section of the world's animation (the West).
I wrote about this and had an 'argument' (more of a conversation I guess) over on Hummingbird and it wasn't all that well received nor did my original post gain much interest so, if you're on this blog to begin with, you'll probably be interested, right? Maybe? You better be. Lol
My original post is here:
And I will be copying it for some of this post, but a lot of this will be my more in-depth thoughts (or as in-depth as an idiot like me can get).

So yeah, if you like Steven Universe, I really don't care as I'm still going to criticize its art so just a warning.
I'm often asked and I often myself just ponder why I like Japanese animation as a whole far more than American animation, and I think it's simple when it comes down to it: the art is far less likely to look childish. The characters are more attractive and proportional. With the exception of some Disney princesses and some DCAU shows (but even then Wonder Woman, for example, looks far less attractive than, say... freaking Hestia or something), the VAST majority of American and Western cartoons look like something like this:

Now compare that to the norm for anime male protagonists:

The most average, generic anime male (from freaking Black Bullet ffs!) looks handsome and appealing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Terror in Resonance - Anime Thoughts #22

Terror in Resonance 
is a very unique anime by Studio MAPPA, with the director being the mastermind behind such works as Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and... Space Dandy... Shinichiro Watanabe. 
Yeah, I dunno what Watanabe was smoking when creating Space Dandy either but let's move on, shall we?
Back to Terror in Resonance, a show that grabbed my interest as soon as I saw its original PV and read the description of it on the Summer 2014 seasonal anime chart...

Monday, October 17, 2016

The World God Only Knows (Entire Series) - Anime Thoughts #21

is a crappy game!"

Couldn't have said it any better myself, Keima.
Oh man. Keima Katsuragi from The World God Only Knows (sometimes referred to as Kaminomi) is my idol, dude. I swear, this is the man who I aspire to be in my everyday life. Although unlike Keima, I fail miserably, but that's okay: he's my idol, so of course Keima is better than me.

After all, Keima's a God;
The God of Conquest!

Doesn't that sound badass?
Well, it is!
...Albeit, in a very, very nerdy way. You see, Keima is divine in his abilities to charm any girl he desires!
"What?!" You may ask, "How the hell is that nerdy, that's just what every man aspires to be: a player!!!" Well... you see, Keima can't score over REAL women, nor does he have any desire to; just the 2D ones in his visual novel dating sim games.

Nanana's Buried Treasure - Anime Thoughts #20

Kind of like my Plastic Memories post, this Thoughts post will be a bit of a quickie as I don't have much to say about this very forgettable show, Nanana's Buried Treasure. Hell, there are few people who bothered to even watch this as it aired in 2014 (wow... can't believe it's already been over 2 years), yet alone actually enjoy it and remember it.

Erased - Anime Thoughts #19

Erased is an anime that I just knew was going to be a masterpiece after I watched a couple of enthralling episodes of the series in the 2016 Spring season earlier this year.

Everything was going in this series' favor: an intriguing time travel thriller plot, blooming romance, a Yuki Kajiura OST, animation by A-1 Pictures (admittedly a rather poor track record for this anime studio but they have mostly great animation quality in their shows nonetheless; off the top of my head their only phenomenal show before Erased is Your lie in April, however).
We get farther into the series. Episode 8, episode 9... Everything still as edge-of-the-seat exciting as always, and you really wanted Satoru to pull through and save Kayo and his mother, unveiling the devious killer.
But the last couple episodes took an epic plunge off the deep end of mediocrity and were so unbelievably predictable and anti-climactic that I felt the whole mystery of this show was an absolute waste of time in the end.
What the hell even happened?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

School Days - Anime Thoughts #18

So I'm looking through my Completed anime list to see what I'm going to be doing a Thoughts post on next and I come across
Oh, Japan, your terrible 'Engrish' never ceases to amaze me.
In the school, the three guys met.
Makes it sound like a f*ckin yaoi anime.

School Days! Joy!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Death Note - Anime Thoughts #17

One of the most famous, well-regarded anime of all time, which was animated by possibly the greatest Japanese animation studio of Madhouse, Death Note aired in the year of 2006 and is still talked about today, and for good reason; it's even getting a Netflix movie (which seems pretty Westernized and awful tbh).

Afro Samurai - Anime Thoughts #16

This anime has a black main character, and I'm racist since I'm a white male and all, so I can't even watch Afro Samurai. F*ck this piece of trash. 
Pfft, a black main character, how distasteful.

What's actually distasteful was my 'joke'. 
And what's also distasteful are the assholes who claim that all white people are racist.